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Highlight Your Brand with Effective Social Media Management

Elevate Your Social Media: Social Media Management with GeniusTechDigital

In the rapidly evolving digital age, the key to being a successful business is a strong online presence. Social media platforms offer an effective way to get your brand in front of millions of potential customers. This is where GeniusTechDigital comes in - we support you with our expertise in social media management.

Basic Package

This package is suitable for businesses that want to build their social media presence or are just starting out.

  • Weekly content planning and calendar creation (1 platform)
  • 2 visual content or 1 basic video content
  • Visual editing at a basic level
  • Basic interaction management (responding to comments)
  • Monthly performance report (follower growth, interactions)
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Middle Package

This package is suitable for those who want to strengthen your business's online presence and drive more engagement.

  • Weekly content planning and calendar creation (2 platforms)
  • Prepare 4 visual content or 2 video content
  • Professional-level editing for visual and video content
  • Interaction management (comments, messages, shares)
  • Advertising management (creating targeted advertising campaigns)
  • Monthly performance reports and analysis
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Advanced Package

This package is suitable for those who want to improve your brand's online presence, optimise engagement and achieve real results.

  • Comprehensive target audience and competition analysis
  • Weekly content planning and calendar creation (3 platforms)
  • Prepare 6 visual content or 3 video content
  • Professional-level image and video editing
  • Advanced engagement management and follower acquisition strategies
  • Strategy-appropriate advertising campaigns and monitoring
  • Optimize strategy with detailed monthly performance reports and analysis
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šŸŒIncrease Conversion with Social Media StrategiesšŸŒ
We know that each platform has its own unique dynamics. At GeniusTechDigital, we develop customized social media strategies that fit the needs of your business. We help you understand your target audience, identify the most appropriate tactics for content production, visual design and engagement. In this way, we ensure that your social media accounts not only gain followers, but also turn into marketing tools that convert.
šŸ“ˆContinuous Success with Analysis and ImprovementšŸ“ˆ
We not only create, but also regularly analyze and improve our social media strategies. We constantly monitor which content performs the best and at which hours the interaction is the highest. In this way, we continuously optimize our strategies and ensure maximum efficiency.
šŸ“£Comprehensive Content ManagementšŸ“£
Content is king, but success is only achieved with the right content. At GeniusTechDigital, we help you tell your brand's story by effectively using various types of content (visual, video, text). We plan, produce and share your content regularly and keep your followers interested.
šŸ•›Saving Time for YoušŸ•›
We are here to make your job easier. We manage the social media management process for you and you do not have to deal with details such as content production, sharing and interaction tracking. Thus, we manage your online presence professionally while you focus on your business.
As GeniusTechDigital, our goal is to turn social media platforms into an opportunity for your business to grow. While managing your social media accounts, we help you reach your target audience while maintaining the authenticity of your brand. Contact us to learn how you can reach more people and manage your online presence more effectively.
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